About Us

To comprehend, to analyse, to express a judgment or an evaluation, to manage resources that are peculiar to human, to prepare research, intervention, and development programs, and to adjust to the necessities such as the changes in the society which become more complicated day by day, are only a few of our approaches to education and training.

To fulfill our responsibilities in the field of social human studies, the Institute of Social Sciences aims to guide the students in their search for solutions to the problems and arguments of the country as sensitive individuals by awakening their analytical thinking. The Institute attempts to make the students prepared for the changing conditions of the world by offering various educational disciplines that help them in shaping their future. In this context, we welcome candidates holding a Bachelor’s degree,both national and international, and wishing to embark on further academic studies.

The future of our students belongs to us, our future belongs to them.


To educate individuals who can serve in innovative organizations with comprehensive and participant programs,able to think analytically, possess high moral values and the ability to be a leader in his / her own field foreseeing the future.

To develop and implement:

- high quality contemporary education;

- research environment on universal scale;

- programs that support entrepreneurship;

- international cooperation and participation;

- contribution to local and national development.